Boost Your Selling Price

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Looking for ways to build equity faster?

  • Get a 15 year mortgage – not always feasible, but if it’s in your budget and works well for your situation.  Talk to your financial wizard.
  • Pay more on your mortgage (especially if you don’t want to commit to a 15 year mortgage and the larger payment that comes with it)
  • Should you consider bi-weekly mortgage payments?
  • Make a larger down payment
  • Renovation/Update – Have a plan.  Get advice, especially if you plan to sell in a few years.  The tile or counter top trending now may be unacceptable next year.

Here’s help with math!  I love calculators  and these are handy!  You can find Affordability, Rent vs Buy, Mortgage, FHA, VA, not to mention help with renovation measurements and more.

And if you’re looking at loan products, check out this page.




The People In My Neighborhood

Young Ebby
Ebby Halliday

I’m talking about my work neighborhood.  They’re not necessarily the people I hang out with on a social basis, though I suppose they’re sometimes one and the same.  I’m talking about the phenomenal souls who help me market and sell your home efficiently, use marketing dollars wisely, and get from offer to contract to closing without becoming mired in quicksand.  I appreciate them.  It’s important that you know who they are and what they do.Ebby Logo

First, there’s Ebby, my brokerage.  I never met Ebby Halliday personally (I could weep over that) but I see her touch everywhere.  Her legacy is a company of people with a strong work ethic, dedication and determination.  They’re gracious and kind but unbelievably fierce.  They live her motto “Get up, suit up, show up”.   You won’t find better real estate professionals anywhere.

Becky Garrison

Becky Garrison is my Sales Manager and there’s no one more awesome on the planet!  She truly makes managing Realtors look like there’s nothing to it when we all know it has to be like herding elephants across a mine field.  Talk about positivity!  No matter what’s going on she makes me feel like I can accomplish anything.  And I think, with her support, I can.

Ebby’s Flower Mound office

I’m blessed to have a team of brilliant professionals monitoring my sales and listings, creating checklists, dotting each i and crossing every t.  They help me navigate rules, regulations, document changes and so many other things.  Pat, Lauren, Jane, Debbie, I’m amazed by your focus, determination and customer service savvy.

There’s Mitzy, my go-to when something seems clear as mud.  Mitzy is powerful.  She shreds the mountains I encounter to mole hills with just a few words.  Another set of eyes is crucial for many contracts and I’m never so brilliant that I don’t benefit from Mitzy’s point of view.

This isn’t even the tip of the iceberg.  I could tell you about veteran agents like Keith with his laid back manner – it’s deceptive.  Or Donna, who has the softest heart on the planet.  There’s Jeannie (cramming 26 hours into a 24 hour day), Bill (quietly running the show on so many community projects), Jack (a soft-spoken bulldog), and so many more, and that’s just our Flower Mound office!

Over 1800 agents wear the Ebby nametag.  We’re family.  We work hard to follow in Ebby’s footsteps and remember her admonition:  Do something for someone every day.  I’m so excited that I can provide ‘Ebby’ service to my clients.  It’s a simple matter of helping people, and along the way, I sell real estate!  Thank you, Ebby.

Ebby Halliday