Won’t this be amazing?  Do you think it’s a great idea for the state?  I try to consider it from the perspective of those who will benefit from it and those who consider themselves negatively impacted by the construction and use of the train.  Read on and please share your thoughts!

Plans for the Texas Bullet Train from Houston to Dallas have been moving ahead despite challenges from landowners along the 240-mile-long route, and the developers expect construction to begin in 2019.

Source: Texas’s $15 billion Bullet Train on track to roll out next year – Archpaper.com

2 thoughts on “Texas’s $15 billion Bullet Train On Track To Roll Out Next Year

  1. I think it’ll be interesting to see how this impacts the Texas economy. How many people will be able to live in one city and work in another? Would people all choose to live in the cheapest city, and work in the best paying one? I hope this project moves forward, as I have family and friends spread throughout Texas, but I also understand why some landowners are pushing back. Hopefully there will be a solution that benefits everyone.


    1. You’ve explained my dilemma precisely! It would be fabulous to speed to the Gulf Coast and back over the weekend without resorting to booking a flight. But I’m sure there’s a very painful impact to some. I hope to hear from them. Thanks so much for your insight!!

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