This fascinates me.  Property taxes are high.  And climbing.  Children deserve a good education.  All children.  Enter the Robin Hood Tax.  I came across this article by Ross Kecseg, from (where else?) Denton County, which, you’ll notice, is number 7 on the list below.   Now, I know the table is tough to absorb, but be strong.

Table 1 – Counties Where Texans Pay The Highest Property TaxesEnter a caption

Kecseg stated in his post, “Individual homeowners inside each county will pay a different tax bill, because they are taxed by different localities, each with a separate tax rate. And every homeowner has a different property value on which those rates are levied.”

Now we can move to the next table…this is the one that’s a real mind bender.

Table 2 – Districts in which property owners paid the biggest Robin Hood tax in 2018

Kecseg (in another post), presents the table above.  Now, this starts to make my head spin.  Teachers are far from overpaid, yet many spend their own money to purchase supplies for their students.  Schools are bursting at the seams and it’s not unusual to hear of a new bond proposal for additional construction.

I no longer have children in school, but the grands attend.  And children are important no matter who they belong to.  Stay tuned.  It may take more than one post for me to grasp the entire issue.  😉  I’d love to hear what you think.

Credit – Ross Kecseg  is the Vice President of Local Affairs for Empower Texans and leads the Metroplex Bureau. He is a native North Texan, raised in Denton County. He studied Economics at Arizona State University with an emphasis on Public Policy and U.S. Constitutional history. Since 2008, Ross has been active in the Republican Party, grassroots organizing, in journalism, and as a volunteer for state and local political campaigns.




Your thoughts?

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