It’s the dance you do when financing a home. Tapping your foot, working with a Realtor, an inspector, an appraiser and a surveyor. Oh, and a lender and an escrow agent.

The market has been crazy for a while now. Mortgage rates creep up, settle a bit and regroup. Today’s rate is amazing. It sounds so cliche, as an agent, to tell people this is the perfect time to buy a home but IT’S TRUE. IF you want to be a homeowner.

Homeownership isn’t for everyone, no matter how I wish it were. Upkeep and maintenance, property taxes and remodeling, it’s not everyone’s cup of tea.

Frequent transfers prevent some from enjoying the stability of ‘roots’. And some people just don’t like being tied to one place. So, depending on where you land in these scenarios, there are worksheets available that allow you to put pen to paper to determine whether or not you’re a good candidate for purchasing a home.

Surprisingly enough, I have them on hand. So if you’re curious, let me know. I’ll make them available for download from my website.

Now, go enjoy your weekend. Get some fresh air. And call me if you want to see a home in Denton County.

Your thoughts?

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