It’s out there. With stipulations. These mysterious avenues to home ownership really do exist. But can you pull up directions on your GPS? Do you need a navigator or a pilot? A tour guide?

Maybe there’s a secret handshake! Nope. Nothing so dramatic as all that. No password or passport required. There’s this thing called ‘the internet’ or ‘the information highway’ that makes your journey so convenient! Grab your favorite beverage, plop down in a comfy spot and GO to these sites for specifics.

Homes For Texas Heroes –

• Teachers: Click here to learn more.

• Police Officers: Click here to learn more.

• Correctional Officers: Click here to learn more.

• Fire Fighters and EMS Personnel: Click here to learn more.

• Veterans: Click here to learn more. (This is not the traditional VA loan.)

Those don’t work for you? There’s still the Homes Sweet Texas Home Loan for Texas home buyers with low and moderate incomes.

And then these tried and true methods:

VA’s no money down home loan program

USDA no money down home loans

So, take time to explore these possibilities. Call me if you have questions and then let’s go look at some homes that will fit your needs!

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