Do you consider them to be fowl or foul?  I love the questions I get!  Sometimes I know the answer, but, of course, there are a few things I don’t know, so I get to do some research, broaden my knowledge and provide a service, all in one shot.  So, allow me to share!  Recently buyers retired to our area from their farm in another state.  They were very flexible about the style, age, and makeup of their next home but certain things were not up for discussion.  They must have about an acre,  be allowed to keep their 5th wheel on site, raise a garden and chickens, yet still be in a location convenient to I-35E for easy access to Plano, Dallas and Denton, and it must be within their budget.

I learned so much about local ordinances, a number of HOA communities, and projected construction in Denton County as I got to know these lovely people.  And of what benefit is information not shared?  Do you have questions about our area?  Let me know!

What About Chickens?

City of Denton Ordinance

City of Corinth requires an application found here.  No fee required but there is a process, there are regulations and there is an inspection prior to onboarding your chickens.

City of Flower Mound Ordinance

City of Highland Village Ordinance

City of Lewisville Ordinance

Your thoughts?

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