gas cooking

This is serious.  I know you’re busy, but there’s a huge debate going on and I really need your opinion.  So, here goes, and please take me seriously.

Do you care by what means you prepare food in your kitchen?  Does it matter whether you have a gas or electric cooktop or range?  And if it is of importance, will you take just a few moments and tell me why?

I’m gathering this data from several sources and will reveal the results a week from today.  I can tell you, I’m shocked and surprised by what I’ve already learned.  Now, let me hear from you, please.



3 thoughts on “Gas Or Electric?

    1. But, Laci, did you have problems with smoke detectors because you couldn’t properly regulate the heat? Was there a huge learning curve and did you frequently burn or scorch things for a while? These are the complaints I’m hearing…my experience is limited.

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      1. I cook often enough that I burn the occasionally thing anyway (not always my food either). I didn’t feel like there was a learning curve but I didn’t remember the last time I cooked on gas.


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