Remember solving for X?  Well, don’t live in the past.  Now we’re solving for Z as we consider babyboomers, Gen X, Millenials and now, Gen Z – How do we identify the next group?  There will be a ‘next group’, right?  Although, I have no idea where we’re going to put them (Seriously, 7.7 BILLION people live on this tiny globe?).  Or what new shiny sparkly item we’ll find to entertain them with!  Or what we’re going to feed them!

Geeze, this post has taken a turn down a dark and gloomy path.  Let’s see what we can do to turn it around…

Okay, there’s AI and farming – that will help with the food shortage thing.

As for housing, Gen Z is on top of it…they’re buying ours…already.  I should’ve seen that coming.  So, they’re fine.  Just gotta make certain they leave something for the rest of us.

That only leaves entertainment, and it seems they’re perfectly happy for now with their smart phones.  That’s no surprise to anyone who’s seen my granddaughters (13 and 5) manipulate data on an iPhone.

Now this is good – I opened with doom and despair, and in the space of a few paragraphs, the earth is once again righted and turning smoothly on its axis.  You’re welcome.  Wish we could convince politicians to do the same.  Or maybe the media.  I’ll bet Gen Z will resolve that.  We’ll observe their progress.

And what, you may/should ask, started me down the path to madness?  Read it yourself.  Gen Z – the end of the alphabet.

Your thoughts?

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