I realize we’re in Texas in August and the temperature hovers just below 100 degrees.  But for a moment, close your eyes and imagine an icy mountaintop, snow-covered, glistening in brilliant sunlight.  This is where you’d be likely to find Mike Basich and it’s the foundation for his dream home, which is now a reality.  Mike is a champion snowboarder who decided to take his extreme lifestyle and apply it to his childhood dream of living off-the-grid. For Mike, ‘off-the-grid’ is located on 40 acres of mountain land near Truckee, CA. The only running water is from a stream nearby and although there’s no indoor bathroom, there is a fancy outhouse, and an outdoor hot tub. My guess is toilet reading time is kept to a minimum.

This impressive, 225 square foot home took five years to build, and half of that was spent laying 175 tons of rock! Put into perspective, that’s about 350,000 pounds. Wait until you hear about how he handled the cement. Even the shaping of the home has special significance.

Via Seeker Stories


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