Container Home

Upcycled homes are becoming a new rage among home builders that want something eco-friendly, stylish and unique. Nowadays you can find upcycled tiny homes, earthships, and other various examples of the environmentally conscious construction movement. Here is an upcycled home style that makes use of large shipping containers, which happen to provide plenty of security and only start at $2,000 to build.

Most containers are sized at 8′ X 20′ (160SF) or 8′ X 40′ (320SF).  They can be stacked, angled or placed side by side.  They’re very affordable and construction time is minimal.  The greatest challenges appear to be insulation and temperature, rust and corrosion, and toxic materials (What was the container used for before it became a house?).

Still, houses contrived in this way intrigue me.  Here are a few that might intrigue you too!

Your thoughts?

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