David Cruey created Arched Cabins for the sole purpose of providing efficient, sturdy, cost-effective, easy to build, multipurpose structures all in one. Utilizing the arch shape and four inch ridge beams, he was able to create the perfect structure for enduring all sorts of weather conditions. The structures are built from their Cypress, Texas (Yayy, Texas!) based facility and shipped to various distribution points for delivery all over the lower 48 states. How are they doing so well? Have a look!



They start with an elevated 24’ by 32’ platform as a foundation to prevent flooding before building the arched frame.  The arch not only lends itself to style, but also provides incredible durability in all sorts of weather. R25 insulation can be installed for handling harsh temperature climates.

While there are many different sizes, the larger framed structures can make for two story homes.  The entire Arched Cabin kit can be erected by a crew within four hours, or by two people over a standard weekend!

From the outside, they look very simple.  From the inside, though…they’re amazing!  And the kitchens rock!  The open house plan lends to a spacious, airy feeling.  The insertable shelves maximize space efficiency, and the elevated position of the bedroom makes it the warmest spot for the winters.  There is even enough space for a walk in shower!

With all of the sizes and colors, this home design is suitable for much more than a ‘tiny house’ community!  Think cabin in the woods or at the lake.  What about a nice little place out back for college aged kids (don’t go all out or the kids will remain long after graduation!).

It won’t replace 2500SF, a 3-car garage and a pool…but I can help you with that.

2 thoughts on “Arched Cabins – Built In Texas

  1. Who would want a big house with multi-car garage when there’s this wonderful alternative?

    In all seriousness, I get why some people want the big home and all, but I’m more a small cabin kind of girl. Beautiful!


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