Sort of, anyway.  According to the Dallas News,  the residential real estate in Dallas is valued at $549 billion dollars and is equivalent to Sweden’s gross domestic product.  That may be comparing apples to oranges.  But, I did discover that the Bureau of Economic Analysis has determined that the GDP of Dallas/Fort Worth/Arlington for 2016 was $511 billion dollars.  That’s a bit more ‘apples to apples’, though I would have liked to see a report for Dallas separately.  I’m a numbers person.  I like things to make sense – at least, I like them to make sense to me.

Speaking of numbers – in 2016, Sweden had a population of 9.903 million people living on 173,860 square miles.  The population of Dallas in that same year was 1.318 million with a land area of 385.8 square miles.   In 2016, there were approximately 4.5 million households in Sweden while Dallas had close to 458 thousand occupied homes.  (Households are defined differently by a number of sites I researched, among them, Statistica and the US Census.  Occupied homes seems a logical definition, but, I’m a Realtor and perhaps I shouldn’t be blogging so late at night!)

In conclusion, what does this tell us?  Again, I’m a Realtor, so, I’ll have to get back to you.  I’m mesmerized by the information about Sweden’s real estate market.

NOTE:  I invite you to provide any information that may clarify the GDP of Dallas, separate from Fort Worth and Arlington.  The data seems skewed without that bit of detail.  I really need some closure there.


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