You see, I recently finished writing The Ultimate Guide To Selling Your North Texas Home.

NO, don’t leave!  Don’t hit snooze!  It’s good!  It’s amusing – well, as amusing as selling your home can be!  Best of all, it’s helpful, it’s accurate and it’s the truth.  And it’s FREE!  Takes maybe 30 minutes to read – it’s only 33 pages.  That’s not a lot of time to invest if it increases your return on the sale of your home!  After all, a real estate transaction is a major event in the lives of most people!  Just preparing to put a home on the market can make you cut and run!  So, read a couple of excerpts.

Critical step one:  determine the market value of your home.

I’m not talking Zestimate, or assessed value as per the appraisal district, or even my Bestimate (my best effort after gathering online information, checking out your neighborhood, viewing your curb appeal…everything except viewing the inside of your home and speaking with you about it in person).

Whether you select me as your Realtor or not (why would you not?), a well-done value report (CMA) is crucial, and to be well done, it’s a 2-step process:

  • At the first appointment, I view the condition, renovation (if any), and curb appeal; we discuss selling features, the neighborhood, maintenance (completed, planned and deferred) and your plans for vacating the home after the sale (impacts salability)

Here’s the second excerpt…

The result of overpricing is a loss in (buyer) interest due to the home’s price being out of line with the market (recent sales). Tragically, an overpriced property sits, accruing days on the market, and causes buyers to wonder, ‘What’s wrong with the house?’.  The answer is nothing.

There’s nothing wrong with an overpriced property except it cannot fetch a return greater than its value.

Now, go to the main menu and request your guide.  Whether you sell your home soon or not, the information is valuable.  And share it with your friends.  Better yet, send them to my site so they can get their copy!

Now, it’s Friday, so go have a great weekend.  I’m showing property…yayyy!

Your thoughts?

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