Certain home decor trends scream of decades past—like wood paneling and shag carpet or your boyfriend from 1972.  No, that’s another post, altogether!  Thankfully, they remain where they belong.  (By the way, you’ll notice that I’ve added my own twist to this post…it was a bit too presumptuous for me when I read it through the 2nd or 3rd time.  I like my version better :-).)

These trends might have been popular in recent years, but they’re definitely on their way out—and if you want to create a modern, sophisticated feel in your home, you’ll need to park them alongside your harvest gold appliances.

Here is the article in the first of three parts.  The remaining two will post Monday and Tuesday of next week.  So, what are the first 5 of 15 home decor trends to leave in the past to create a modern, sophisticated home?

1. Everything industrial

The industrial trend had its moment, but it’s gotten out of hand. Too much exposed brick, piping, metal, and Edison lights will make your house look like a warehouse, not a home. If this is a favorite of yours, perhaps you could incorporate just a few simple elements, like a single accent wall or light fixture – keep the drafty chill and the echo in the garage.  Personally, I’m a fan of the industrial trend.  I think it’s chic.  And it doesn’t echo if you use appropriate material to deaden the sound.

2. Nautical

If you’re decorating a beach house, absolutely feel free to plunder the wharf in your search for anchors and seashells. If not, toss them overboard.  Pay homage to your love of the beach in less obvious ways, like coating the walls in an ocean-inspired blue.  (I prefer aquamarine but I wouldn’t cover a wall with it.  No resale value there.)

3. Going wild with reclaimed wood

Barn Wood
The rustic, reclaimed wood look is lovely—in moderation. Stick to one focal piece (like a rustic barn door) to avoid a ‘day at the farm’ feel.  When it comes to reclaimed wood, less is more.  Of course, I grew up on a farm and it seems quite homey to me.

4. Glass block in the bathroom

This one’s tough for me.  I love glass block and it was one of the most popular trends in the 1980s.  A neighbor once told me she worried about our use of it in our master bath windows because of her teenage son.  I won’t tell you my response – it was, after all, long ago.  Let’s just say I was less than kind.  To stay on topic, glass block saw a brief resurgence in recent years thanks to its ability to add light to a bathroom without compromising privacy.  However, according to ‘trendsetters’ the glass block look is extremely dated, and you can get the same effect with a skylight.  How would skylights not be dated also?  Moving on…

5. Plaid

I like plaid at Christmas.  I’m told it works well in small doses and in specific situations, like a throw blanket or accent pillow in the winter.  It seems some people are very sensitive and too much plaid is visually overwhelming to them—so any major plaid decor, like wallpaper or comforters, have got to go.  We would never wish to offend.

Note:  Part 2 will be posted Monday afternoon.

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