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Continued from Friday, September 7 —

I suppose we were decorating our homes even when they were just caves–arranging the rocks in a feng shui fashion.  Then came shag carpet, harvest gold appliances and cone fireplaces – how aptly named.

There are other trends that might have been popular in recent years, but are definitely on their way out—and if you want to create a modern, sophisticated feel in your home, you’ll need to leave them in the past along with Birkenstocks, hiphuggers (love ’em) and saucer chairs. Remember those? My mother had one that swiveled…my sisters and I loved it.  Mother hated it.

We moved on to ‘light, bright, airy and open’.  Thank goodness.  So toss these tired trends or you’ll have the Furniture Fashionistas raiding your space!

6. Overdoing it on the granite

home-trends-granite-everything-1490208378Granite will always be in style, but there can definitely be too much of a good thing. If you want to do granite in your kitchen, great. Just keep it to a timeless pattern and offset the granite with other materials to keep things interesting. (So, for example, if you use granite for the countertops, use butcher block for your kitchen island.)

7. Tufted headboards

TuftedFor awhile there, tufted headboards were all the rage. But like most trends, they’ve overstayed their welcome. If you love the tufted headboard look, keep it confined to children’s rooms and go with something more sophisticated (like a DIY bookshelf headboard) for adult spaces.

8. Overdoing it on the open shelving


Open shelving in the kitchen is another trend that works well in moderation, but too many open shelves can make your space look cluttered and disorganized. Stick to one or two shelves and display items that are easy to stack (like dishes) to keep the trend from overwhelming your kitchen.

9. Imposter plants


Fresh greenery not only looks great in any space, but it can also improve air quality in your home—making it a far better choice than fake plants. If you’ve never had greenery in your home before, start with a low maintenance plant (like a spider plant) and work your way up to more maintenance-heavy plants as you get more comfortable.

10. Chevron


The chevron pattern has been showing up on everything from throw rugs to accent walls to comforter sets for years—but this trend has definitely overstayed its welcome. If you want to incorporate chevron in a modern way, keep it simple and stick to small accents, like throw pillows or wall art.

11. Marquee vanity lighting


Unless you’re a professional makeup artist, there’s no need to have Hollywood-style marquee lighting in the bathroom, which can make the space look over-the-top or gaudy. Stick to classic lighting fixtures for a more sophisticated look.

12. All the pastels

Too many pastels will make your home look like a “Saved By The Bell” set. If you want to incorporate the pastel trend, stick to a single accent piece (like a sofa or an accent wall).

13. Vertical blinds


Unless you actually enjoy detangling the mess that is vertical blinds, there’s no need to have them on your windows—they’re a pain to open and close and they can make a room look busy. Instead, try a simple DIY window treatment that adds character to the space and won’t become a tangled mess every time you want to get a little light into the room.

14. Wicker indoors

Wicker will forever be an outdoor furniture staple, but bringing it indoors can make your home feel dated. Reserve the wicker for your porch or backyard and stick with more indoor-appropriate materials for the rest of your home.

15. Tuscany

Tuscan Kitchen

Tuscan-inspired kitchens were all the rage in the early 2000s. But like just about everything else from that time period (remember Sidekicks?), this trend must give way to sleek lines, bright light and and open feeling.  Switch up the tile, stone, and dark color palette for something that brightens the space.










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