I Want One Of These!

Bomb shelter?  No.  THE BOMB.  Yes!  I’m not exactly sure how this would affect #resalevalue, but ya know what — I don’t care. It’s the slickest #upgrade I’ve seen in a home in a long while. And I’m jealous!  Consider the possibilities!






What would you use it for?

3 Tips For Timing The Sale Of Your Home


Timing is everything, especially when selling your home!  Should you sell first, then rent something while house hunting?  Are you building another home?  What are your options?

Ideally, you would time the sale and closing of house A (the existing home) to coincide with the sale and closing of house B (the home you’re purchasing to replace said existing home).  Ideally…

But you can’t bank on it. Here are a few tips to increase your chances of timing each sale to your advantage.

  1. Negotiate time to find a home.

Usually, the easiest solution is to sell your home to a buyer who’s willing to agree with your terms in the contract, (maybe a lease-back) to give you a bit of time.  You could try negotiating the sale of your home contingent upon finding and buying the home you’ll move to.  Buyers are more inclined to be flexible if you’re a bit flexible on your price or other terms of the agreement.

Analyze your options.  Frequently a compromise will cost less, decrease your stress level, and make for a smoother transaction all around.  Unless your buyer is also selling their own home and need to time the sale and purchase on their end as well.  The trickle-down effect may require some sensitivity.   If you’re selling to a first-time home buyer, the buyer may be working within the constraints of a lease.  Communication and planning with your agent from the moment you list your home will improve your odds!

  1. A bridge loan.

May take some shopping and research.  Bridge loans aren’t the norm, but you might be able to find a bank who will lend you money without selling your home, or will approve a mortgage provided you have a viable contract on your home.  On occasion, a lender will approve you for both mortgages for a short period of time.

  1. Have a back-up plan.

Most people can’t afford to buy without selling their current home.  If you’re among those lucky few with available cash reserves, temporary housing and storage may be your answer, though it would be an expensive one.  If you have it in your budget, take a local vacation!  Check out VRBO and you might be surprised at your options.

What about family?  They’re usually good for a few weeks.  Probably not a great long-term solution, but would it work for 30-45 days?  Maybe?  Hey, we’re problem solving, here, tossing around possibilities!  It can buy you time to wait a bit for the perfect house, and, take some of the pressure off when you are negotiating.  If you are pressed for time, you may be forced to pay a higher price for the house you are buying.

First things first…

Planning on the front end will cut down on expenses, frustration and fear of the missing a good offer for House A and/or a good price for House B.  You don’t want to feel forced to buy the first house that happens to be available and will line up with your timing.   Failure to be prepared just in case can cost you. Get my book!

Much depends on your local real estate market.  It may be that the house you plan to sell will go quickly and the demand will be such that you can call the shots regarding the terms of the agreement and buy time to find the perfect home.  Who knows…maybe there are plenty of properties in your price range, just sitting there waiting for you, with owners who would be happy to work with you on timing the closings.

No matter what, don’t attempt to just wing it and hope everything works out for the best.  And don’t wait until you have your house under contract and have found one you want to buy, only to discover it will require scheduling two moves (into and out of storage) you aren’t prepared for.

Involve your agent and come up with your game plan beforehand.  Real estate agents deal with these concerns day in and day out.  Yours can help you make the best decision and create a plan that considers your situation and the local market.  Do this before you even start the process.   Look into different lenders and the options they may have for you.  You might be happily surprised – at least you’ll be informed.

Home Security Options

A secure home is important for protecting your family and valuables against burglars, crazy in-laws, and the random zombie apocalypse. Unfortunately, those deadbolted doors and locked windows probably won’t deter the truly determined. A good guard dog and expertise in martial arts are excellent ways to deal with intruders, but sometimes, you just want to go with simple. Here are some excellent ideas for doing just that.

1. The SimLOCK (@ 2 for $10) is an effective way to protect your deadbolt from getting picked.SlimLock

2. Door jambs made in the last ten years are often a bit weak. Reinforce them for better security.


3. Glass doors need all the help they can get. Beef up your patio doors with The Door Guardian.  Glass DoorAbout $30


4. Add window alarms to make sure you know when they open. You can find these here. (12 for $30)


5. Scare the pants off of someone who thinks they made a silent entry with this hidden door alarm.  (Less than $20 at Amazon)






6. Leave your keys under a mat, or plant pot? Yeah… no one will think of that! Try this lock box instead – $20.  Change the code frequently.  The walls have ears.



7. Use a peephole to see who’s at your door before opening it.


Royal H&H Door Viewer Security Peek Peep Hole for Front Door Home Office 200 Degree Wide Angle Solid Brass Privacy With Cover (Satin Nickel)  $13

8. Reinforce your door’s sturdiness against a forced entry.


Prime-Line U 10539 Lock and Door Reinforcer – Reinforce and Repair Doors, Add Extra Security to your Home and Prevent Unauthorized Entry – 5-1/2 in, 2-3/8 in. x 1-3/4 in, in Stainless Steel


9. Slow burglars down with a security guard lock. It may not seem like much, but a break-in delay can only stack the odds a bit more in your favor.


Less than $7.00!  National Hardware N335-984 804 Door Security Guards in Nickel

10. Crooks will be far less likely to mess with a home that has Zmodo 4CH Security DVR System with 500GB hard drive 4 Outdoor Night Vision Surveillance Cameras -3G Mobile that you can monitor from your phone.


Gaye Levy (Backdoor Survival) shares her ideas for safety and crime prevention…20+ [NOW 30+ in 2018] Countermeasures to Secure Your Homes and Families From Crime

11. Or you can go the distance and protect your home with a complete Honeywell system (at Amazon).

Honeywell’s LYNX Connect app provides consumers with the ability to use an iOS or Android™ device to view video and operate the system on premises.Honewell

Honeywell Wireless Lynx Touch L5200 Home Automation/Security Alarm Kit with Wifi and Zwave Module (specs)




Share your household security tips and stay safe!