The Many Seasons of Texas – Turkey, Deer, Duck, Dove…

Everyone has a favorite season…mine is Spring.  It’s too short but I’ll take it as I get it.  The air is fresher after a stale winter of heated spaces and heavy clothes, wind burned faces and chapped lips.  The sun is cheery on new green grass and the birds are hopping with excitement to see insects working their way to the surface again.

My Mother loved summer and gardening.  Dad lived for deer, duck and dove seasons.  If it needed a license, stamp or permit, Dad would hunt, stalk, track, or catch it.  He sometimes spiced it up a bit by a weekend of fishing or a couple of days in the woods hunting rabbits or squirrels.

But make no mistake, deer season found him trekking through the cold, peering around trees or perched in a deer stand patiently stalking his quarry.  Dad might come home after a few days with an 8-point buck and an amazing story of the hunt.  Or he’d come home empty-handed.  With a more amazing story.  Deer are cunning and evasive creatures, after all.

Our family is like any other.  We have football fans, gardeners and fishermen, hunters and baseball junkies, water sports enthusiasts and naturalists.  Are you aware there’s a chachalaca season?  In Texas – of course – specifically, Cameron, Hidalgo, Starr & Willacy Counties.

Chachalaca prefer to run along larger limbs through the treetops or scurry through interior branches while feeding on leaves, berries, and seeds. Birds feed in loose flocks of 4-6 in number and tend to select the ripest fruits available, therefore they are often observed feeding in precarious positions, including upside-down.

There’s true variety in Texas – football, baseball, Spring, Winter, Summer, duck, turkey, and of course, the allergy seasons (Mountain Cedar, Spring Trees, Summer Grasses, and Ragweed/Pigweed).  Grab your gear, your license, allergy meds and go!

Oh, but here’s the beauty of it – you can multitask.  Combine any of these with selling or buying a home!  I’ll work around your schedule. Real estate season never closes!  I’ve got a license!  It’s a great time to buy or sell a home in North Texas.

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