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Of all the complaints real estate consumers voice, the loudest is probably that their agent never communicated with them once the house was listed. They ‘stuck a sign in the yard and we never heard from them again’. It’s hard to overcome this betrayal of trust.

Expectations are an important part of your relationship with your agent.  Set them at your first meeting.  Do you want weekly communication or to simply be informed about feedback from showings, offers, and a closing date?  What’s your preferred method?  A combination of phone, text and emails?  Is it important to minimize work day interruptions and that dastardly game known as phone tag?

A consistent schedule solves many problems.  Perhaps a check in on Mondays to go over weekend showings or open house feedback and Thursdays to do a run-down of the week’s activities and discuss the upcoming weekend schedule.

Allow for some flexibility.  I know texting is easy, but it’s not practical for all updates.  Realtors love to text but since they’re so frequently strapped into their cars, be prepared to wait a bit for a response.  They’re not ignoring you.  They’re attempting to get from A to B without raising their insurance rates.  I like to schedule an occasional visit, as well.  I want you to see my face and know I’m involved.  

Keep in mind that agents are real people.  They juggle well but life does sometimes throw them a curve ball – but you can reach out whenever you have a question or concern.  And should the unthinkable happen – if you can’t get a response, call the Broker.  Emergencies happen.

Are you considering selling your home?  Call me!  My cell is 972-837-3994 or simply text a good time for me to call.  I don’t text while driving = it’s one of my few rules – but I’ll get back to you as quickly as I can!

Note:  This post is an excerpt from my guide for selling your home.  You can find it here!

Your thoughts?

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