Mr President, I disagree. I don’t believe the Republican Party to be dominated, driven and intimidated (your words) by former President Trump or any of his supporters. I am most certainly not a menace to my country. Like many people, I may not be a Trump devotee, however, I do support a much more conservative platform than you represent. That doesn’t make me less American than you. But there are days when I consider the current administration to be something of a menace to the republic..

How wonderful it would be to have a ‘leader of the free world’ who did not choose to alienate so many of us. At least, I can only suppose it’s a well thought out choice. The man can’t claim the inexperience of youth. He’s been in politics all of his adult life. Mr. Biden has a great familiarity with the workings of government, though I don’t know how much he remembers. That’s not a slam. It’s relevant. I’m almost 70. I’m not as sharp as I was at 45 or 50. It’s just the way life works. And I wouldn’t want to test my mental capacity by attempting to govern what has been considered a superpower.

Do we even want to broach the Bidens’ relationship with China? Would your company allow that sort of networking? What would they say? Sure, Mr Biden! Since your position as the president pays a mere $400K a year to keep our secrets and safeguard our interests, it’s no problem if the Biden family develops business contacts in China! That just sounds wrong.

We the people need a LEADER. We need candidates willing to focus on our concerns. Imagine being excited about an election! What an idea!

There are serious problems in our country. Some, like poverty and hunger, will never go away, I know this because God tells me that the poor we have with us always. What about human trafficking, the prison population, drugs, the economy. That’s a few. But we can’t leave out the climate, education, mounting debt, and healthcare. By all that is holy, what the heck is going on with healthcare? Mental healthcare! What about gun violence and school safety? I’m not using the word ‘control’ because I don’t think we can control guns in the hands of criminals. Why can’t we do a better job of policing ourselves?

I’m not an alarmist but I’m alarmed. We, the people, need help. And we need to help ourselves. Vote responsibly. Live responsibly. And demand responsible behavior from those who claim to represent us.

So, tell me what you think!

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