We’re Smokin’ Hot!

I rarely write reviews, good or bad, but in this instance I want to share information about something that has been a source of great fun for Husband and me.

It’s a smoker. Cuisinart. Holds a lot of food. Uses a propane tank (or bombola, if you shared time in Naples with us). Ignites easily. Heats up well, even in cold weather. I realize that cold is relative and in this instance it equals North Texas in December. Temperatures can range from 20 degrees to 80.

Thanksgiving was our first attempt. Smoker arrived from Amazon in good shape, well boxed, about 70lbs. We dollied it to the back patio and it took Husband about 90 minutes to put it together despite the time he spent playing with Milo. See Milo below.

Milo’s first day with us, 12 weeks old.

Husband was diligent in his preparation to use the smoker…he searched Google and YouTube relentlessly gathering information in an attempt to smoke the perfect turkey for Thanksgiving. A friend (Teresa) contributed well seasoned mesquite she gathered on a trip to San Angelo so he cut it into chunks and it was at the ready. He made a trip to the local QT station for a fresh bombola, I mean propane tank. He wouldn’t dare remove the one connected to the torch on the back patio for my comfort. The turkey was seasoned and buttered, took about 6 hours to smoke, and it was delish.

So, tell me what you think!

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