Define Talent

I work hard, I practice, practice, practice. Watercolor, acrylics, oils, colored pencil. Some have told me I should choose one medium and stick with it. But how? They’re all different – each requires a unique approach. Yet, if desire was the only requirement, I would be Klimt. Gustav Klimt. Woman In Gold.

Woman in Gold – Gustav Klimt

Have you noticed the glow of an oil painting? The softness, the fabulous ease with which the colors blend? Sometimes. Of course, wet on wet can be treacherous. It’s bizarre how quickly those lovely colors can become mud! Apply thick on thin. Or vice versa. Don’t forget to clean your brush. Bob Ross and Bill Alexander make it look easy but don’t be deceived.

And watercolor. I was told once to simply control the flow of water. No. There’s more to it than that. Paper makes a difference. Pigment in the paint. A sixth sense. But is anything more lovely than a well done watercolor? They look so airy to me. Delicate, somehow.

Acrylics appear – can be – thick, heavy, sometimes fluffy. But it’s just that, the weight, the body, that helps create the exciting texture obtained with acrylic paints. Add impasto or modeling paste and it’s practically 3D! The painter becomes an artist and a sculptor in a brush stroke! Yet, add water and it’s much like watercolor. But different.

What about colored pencils, charcoal, alcohol inks, and crayons? Yes, crayons! Don’t underestimate what can be accomplished with Binney and Smith, AKA Crayola.

I’m simple. I love color. Gleaming, glowing, shining, vibrant, muted, smooth, textured, living color! Shades of gray, OMG! Have you ever seen a foggy mountain morning in simple shades of gray? Or a misty meadow done in watercolor? It’s magic! It makes me weep. Even I can be an artist. On occasion. Several months ago I painted the little piece below. Don’t look at the flaws. There are too many. But I was crazy happy with it at the time.

Waiting – by yours truly

I can do better now. I’ve practiced. And practiced. And practiced.

2 responses to “Define Talent”

  1. Beautifully done….👍

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    1. How kind you are!! Thank you!


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