Pi and Real Estate – Irrational?


Christmas lights, a chill in the air, bustling traffic (as I’m driving) are all reminders of the holidays in our very near future.  Holidays always make me think of cooking.  Holiday cooking means pies.  Pecan, coconut cream, friendship, and chocolate silk!  Yum.

Recipes wander around in my head, (I’m still driving) en route to preview a few homes.  Driving requires entertainment.  I entertain myself by trying to remember specific recipes for pies.  Pecan is no problem.  I don’t mind saying I make the best pecan pie in my extended family.  They agree.  Pumpkin is no problem because I don’t make it – my baby sister probably has the winning recipe for that…and Texas sheet cake.  Middle Sister does a turkey dressing that makes you want to slap somebody.

Anyway, as these recipes continue to run through my mind, I drive along.  When I suddenly think of Pi.  Stay with me, I have a point to make.  We’re all familiar with Pi, that number that goes on and on, with no end or solution, kind of like a dog chasing his tail.  We just know it as 3.14.

Of course, there’s a lot more to it…for instance, it’s a constant ratio in circles. And, it’s an irrational number, but for most of us, just knowing the 3.14 part is good enough. There’s no need to think about it beyond that. Pi probably isn’t going to affect you or me one way or another in life…

But that part about Pi being a constant and irrational number, that makes me think of (you guessed it) real estate, and that does affect us. Realtors discover it the day a client lists their home for sale.

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