6 Reasons I Fell In Love With Real Estate

We can’t help who or what we fall in love with.  It’s one of life’s mysteries.  Some agents might not be able to explain the passion they feel for real estate, but I have my suspicions.  Here are six reasons why I love my work:

1. The people

PeopleYou have to enjoy working with people in order to be a successful real estate agent. Coworkers, clients, baristas who recognize you as you bring in a gallon-sized travel mug for your daily caffeine dose — you’re always around people.  It would be dishonest to say that it always goes smoothly, but the relationships and interactions are a huge part of the overall experience, and allow you to connect with people in a way unseen in most professions.

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Box It Up!

Container Home

Upcycled homes are becoming a new rage among home builders that want something eco-friendly, stylish and unique. Nowadays you can find upcycled tiny homes, earthships, and other various examples of the environmentally conscious construction movement. Here is an upcycled home style that makes use of large shipping containers, which happen to provide plenty of security and only start at $2,000 to build.

Most containers are sized at 8′ X 20′ (160SF) or 8′ X 40′ (320SF).  They can be stacked, angled or placed side by side.  They’re very affordable and construction time is minimal.  The greatest challenges appear to be insulation and temperature, rust and corrosion, and toxic materials (What was the container used for before it became a house?).

Still, houses contrived in this way intrigue me.  Here are a few that might intrigue you too!

Spicy Kitchens


According to several sites – HGTV and US News among them – a minor kitchen remodel (minor defined as $15,000) can bring homeowners as much as a 92% return.  There’s a caveat with that, of course.  A leaking roof, stained and frayed carpet, plumbing or a/c in need of repair are items that can’t be glossed over.  Buyers won’t notice your amazing kitchen.

What does renovation look like to you?  It may be simple (but costly) with the addition of new appliances or you might consider your kitchen a canvas.  Grab your paint brush and make a few bold strokes with new cabinets or countertops, then soften the atmosphere with lighting reflective of your lifestyle.

I frequently meet people who’ve just completed huge renovations prior to putting their homes on the market and I often hear ‘I wish I’d done it sooner so I could have enjoyed it before selling.’  Whatever you do, make your home the place you love to be.